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At OMIKRON, we combine innovative solutions with up-to-date knowledge and decades worth of professional experience in our services. It is of paramount importance for us that:

  • we offer our partners customized solutions
  • we always use cutting edge software and hardware tools available on the market that feature the highest quality
  • we support our partners in achieving their goals with engineering precision and personal attention in the long term


Network Operations

The smooth operation of running an IT system in the background – automations, maintenance, checking updates and faster data transfer – is the keystone of safety and working more efficiently. Only one IT expert is often not enough to build up and operate the whole network – a team consisting of seasoned experts is necessary. OMIKRON can help in assessing IT network needs, then selecting and deploying the right systems and of course, in their continuous operation.

Professional network operations = comprehensive knowledge + decades worth of experience

Our experts have diversified, comprehensive and deep knowledge that is unique in the market. We are proud to claim that our expert colleagues have acquired vast experience in their own fields. In all cases, we mobilize the whole of our collective knowledge for our partners.


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IT security

  • firewalls (Palo Alto, Fortinet, Cisco) – learn more about our firewall solutions
  • vulnerability scanning (Greenbone)
  • password hygiene (Scirge)
  • physical endpoint protection (ForeScout)
  • intrusion detection (Cybereason, Eclypsium)
  • log management (Graylog)

We pay extra attention to all of the above!

The number of data thefts and cyberattacks has dramatically grown over the last five years with a corresponding increase in the damage and losses to businesses. Under these circumstances, standard solutions will not suffice. Prepare yourself!

OMIKRON’s answer to the new challenges of IT security is a synergic system of software offering the latest solutions.

We provide our partners with customized systems that provide them with maximum IT security and meet their business objectives. We assess the needs and review the possible solutions in order to make a professionally informed decision. We pride ourselves in our team’s ability to offer customized solutions that meet specific needs.


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Software inventory and licence management

  • ITIL compabibility
  • automated discovery
  • IT Asset Management
  • internal transparency
  • integration with ticketing systems
  • quick and easy data queries
  • software and licence management
  • rack layout discovery and management
  • IP management

Quick, convenient and safe

CMDB software minimize the time spent on the management of software, hardware and licences and maximize efficiency at the same time.

OMIKRON’s solution for this is Device42 which can discover and continuously monitor hundreds or even thousands of devices. Minimizing the number of manual solutions almost eliminates the possibility of human errors, while it increases transparency several times over. You can count on OMIKRON as the key domestic partner of Device42 from procurement to integration and support.


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  • carefree email solutions
  • effective teamwork
  • resources adapted to needs
  • creating hybrid infrastructure (on-premise and cloud IT infrastructure)
  • data migration
  • network and safety
  • Microsoft 365

Flexibility and quick deployment convenienty – the cloud

Cloud solutions greatly contribute to working fast and efficiently. They both mean the perfect answer to issues deriving from teleworking, data storage and rapidly changing resource needs.

Switch to the cloud with ease!
From the very beginning, OMIKRON has kept the pace with the development of cloud-based systems so we have comprehensive knowledge and expertise regarding the design and integration of cloud-based or hybrid infrastructures/networks.

From planning to migration, you can count on the expertise of our team regarding security.


Let’s find the solutions that meet your business objectives!

Wireless networks

  • Wi-Fi network design
  • Wi-Fi signal strength measurement and diagnostics
  • Wi-Fi system implementation
  • Wi-Fi operations

Stable Wi-Fi – Stress-free IT environment

Serving more users with fewer Wi-Fi devices.
These days a fast and reliable Wi-Fi network is a must in order to operate a business properly.
Connection lags and Wi-Fi coverage problems constantly cause difficulties and issues at many workplaces.

There is a solution! You can rely on our expert team for everything from measuring Wi-Fi signal strength to the professional design of your Wi-Fi network. Accurate design and measurements will allow the building of such a Wi-Fi network that perfectly meets your expectations.


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Data Center infrastructure

  • racks
  • servers
  • data storage solutions
  • uninterruptible power supplies (UPSes)
  • data backup
  • DR site
  • virtualization

The heart of a network – data center infrastructure

Creating a reliable and stress-free IT environment is impossible without having an adequate data center infrastructure. What does it contain and what is needed for such a system?

A data center infrastructure is made up of a great number of various technological components. In order to make these parts into a whole and let them operate at maximum capacity every day, a team’s knowledge and expertise are needed.

We, at OMIKRON, can provide you with support from defining your needs through planning and implementation to operation.


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Desktop management

  • Apple operating systems
  • Microsoft operating systems

Stress-free IT interface for all users

Installing, updating and maintaining operating systems and user software are an expert’s tasks. Our responsibility is to create the ideal environment for a smooth workflow.

Our team of experts at OMIKRON with decades of experience and a history of outstanding customer care is at your disposal 24/7 to relieve you of the tasks and managing human resources.

You can also count on OMIKRON’s team when it comes to Apple and Microsoft operating systems and user software. Let us show you how to bring out the best of these!


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We have an IT solution just for you

You can only win with a stress-free IT environment as it makes your work faster and more efficient. Besides:

  • we offer such IT services that increase operational continuity
  • there is always somebody to ask for support – our whole team is at your disposal
  • you can get IT solutions that match your needs exactly
  • you can focus on business growth instead of tackling time-consuming IT issues
  • you can get comprehensive expert support – from needs assessment to operation
  • we work with future-proof solutions
  • we offer continuous support – through a dedicated contact person

Contact our experts and get to know the details of our IT services and how you could benefit from these!


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