The foundation of efficient work and business continuity is a data center infrastructure that is tailored to your data, application and networking needs.

Not only do we provide rack cabinets, servers, data storage solutions and uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), we also create efficient data center infrastructures. You can count on our experienced team to guide you through the entire design, procurement, installation and integration process.

Experience all the benefits of a data center infrastructure that perfectly fits your needs! Contact us to find out more about the possibilities!

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How you can count on our expert team

  • Data center needs assessment, technical consultations
  • Designing active and passive networks for data centers
  • Purchasing, installing and integrating data center equipment with all components: rack cabinets, servers, data storage solutions, uninterruptible power supplies
  • Operating data center networks with up to 24/7 availability
  • Designing DR sites and virtualization environments

Data Center Infrastructure

Building your own server room offers numerous advantages, especially if your company handles big data and uses unique applications or services that have specific hardware requirements and need a high level of control and customization of your IT infrastructure. There are also other benefits of having your own data center.

7 reasons to build your own data center

100% control

hardware, software and network configurations in your own infrastructure can be freely customized according to your business goals.

Maximum data security

your own server room is also the ideal solution for full data control and customization of security measures.


flexibility to scale hardware resources based on data, application, network and endpoint needs.

Lower long-term costs

building a data center can involve significant initial expenses, but in the long run the company can better control and plan its infrastructure costs and continue to benefit from more flexible and efficient hardware network utilization.

Custom application and service management

special hardware requirements can be efficiently managed in your own data center.

Performance control and optimization

in the case of your own data center, we pay great attention to monitoring and optimizing performance according to your needs.

Professional support

with OMIKRON’s team, you can easily outsource all tasks related to your own data center, so you don’t need to maintain and continuously operate a separate IT department. We support you with 24/7 availability and decades of experience in creating a stress-free IT environment.

Data center virtualization and DR site design

When designing and upgrading a physical data center, it is always worth paying special attention to DR site and virtualization issues.
A DR (Disaster Recovery) site is a secondary infrastructure that enables business continuity and data recovery in the event of a business disaster or system failure, while virtualization is designed to create a complete virtual infrastructure.

In addition to designing, building and deploying the physical system for the data center, you can also rely on the knowledge and experience of our engineering team in DR site and virtualization matters. Contact us to discuss the details!

How we work

We believe that large enterprises can achieve even greater success with a data center that fully meets their needs. That’s why we work hard to understand and define your business needs, so that we can provide the best solution for our partners:

Step 1 – accurately assessing and formulating needs
Step 2 – survey of actual server room
Step 3 – designing the data center (purchase of equipment, if necessary)
Step 4 – building the data center
Step 5 – designing the DR site and virtualization environment on demand
Step 6 – continuous operation, maintenance, updates – with communication and cooperation as key

Take the first step towards a more efficient operation, towards a stress-free IT environment – contact us and let’s build the ideal data center infrastructure for you

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