As the number of users grows, the demand for data and bandwidth increases rapidly. Is your company’s Wi-Fi network ready to handle this load?

In business, you can multiply your efficiency with lightning-fast downloads and uploads, a stable internet connection at all times and maximum coverage.
Whether it’s Wi-Fi diagnostics, network design, deployment or management you’re looking for, you can count on our expert team.

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You can count on our team in the following

Wi-Fi network design

Wi-Fi network deployment

Wi-fi network configuration

Wi-Fi network device purchases

Wi-Fi site survey and diagnostics

Wi-Fi network management

Wi-Fi network security

Wi-Fi – no cables, just a stable and professional network

Keeping Wi-Fi networks up to date and maintained is a cornerstone of any company’s IT strategy. In the business world, Wi-Fi guaranteeing stable and reliable internet is essential for the day-to-day running of offices and factories. However, the system can only work properly if the physical network design, AP allocation and performance are tailored to the specific needs of the business and the premises.


Whether you’re building a complete Wi-Fi network for an office, factory, hotel or conference room, you can count on the knowledge and experience of our engineering team!

Wi-Fi network design

It is important to understand exactly what needs the system will have to fulfill before installing the devices. That’s why the first step for designing a Wi-Fi network is to define your needs and plan ahead. You can rely on our expert colleagues throughout the whole planning process – based on the floor plan and the number of endpoints you plan to use, they will draw up a detailed plan showing you the type and number of devices needed to maximize coverage and build a stable wireless network.

Site survey and heatmap visualizations

“You know, there’s no net in that corner…”

Optimizing the performance of your existing Wi-Fi network is also a good step towards creating a stress-free IT environment. The performance of a Wi-Fi network can be affected by several factors: the building structure, the material and thickness of the walls, but also the number of connected users and the surge in the amount of data downloaded and uploaded can cause anomalies.

In this case, we will carry out a site survey to assess the design and performance of your Wi-Fi network. Our team of qualified engineers use the Ekahau testing and measurement system, which allows the entire lifecycle of the Wi-Fi network to be monitored. The system allows us to accurately track parameters such as coverage and data throughput. The information can be used to make an informed decision on whether to fine-tune the system or whether an entirely new system is needed.


Get a clear picture and make an informed decision about your Wi-Fi network – let’s discuss the details together!

1, 2, 3, … Wi-Fi7

The performance of Wi-Fi is also affected by time, as this network also “ages”. The efficiency of a wireless network depends largely on the Wi-Fi standard in which the devices in it are operating. Older Wi-Fi networks (Wi-Fi4, Wi-Fi5) are nearing the end of their lifecycle. These earlier versions have significantly lower data throughput and can serve fewer users simultaneously than innovative solutions like Wi-Fi7. Our experts are already prepared for the Wi-Fi7 transition – if you have questions, contact us!

RUCKUS – fewer devices, better coverage

RUCKUS has specifically designed its devices for great data loads. The internationally renowned manufacturer’s devices are designed to serve the entire Wi-Fi network of hotels with thousands of rooms, large corporations, stadiums, campuses and healthcare facilities with efficiency in mind.

With RUCKUS, fewer devices (routers, APs) are needed to achieve the desired coverage. In addition, RUCKUS’ unique antenna technology intelligently responds to users’ needs to make their internet connection even more stable.
For ease of use and lower device number needs, the central controller is also strongly supported by cloud analytics. Read more about RUCKUS solutions here – or contact us!

In addition, a major advantage of the RUCKUS Wi-Fi network is that it also enables the management of IoT devices within one single network and management interface.

How we work

A stress-free IT environment is based on stable internet and maximum coverage – a professional Wi-Fi network. We believe that every business needs a Wi-Fi system that fits its unique needs to multiply efficiency. That’s why we work hard to assess and define your business needs to provide the best solution.

Step 1 – accurately assessing and formulating needs
Step 2 – survey of the actual Wi-Fi network
Step 3 – network design (and purchasing network devices if needed)
Step 4 – Wi-Fi network deployment and configuration
Step 5 – designing security systems for the Wi-Fi network
Step 6 – continuous management, maintenance and updates – with communication and cooperation as key


Take the first step towards a more efficient, stress-free IT environment – contact us to find the ideal Wi-Fi solution for your business!

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