Data theft, loss, leaks and ransomware – the role of firewalls and IT security is growing year by year. Hackers and viruses are aware of all the weaknesses of out-of-date security systems thus they can penetrate them in a matter of seconds. Cyber attacks can also cause incalculable damage.

Are your company data and operations secure?

Let us introduce the world’s leading firewall solutions to you so that you can find the one tailored to your company’s IT security needs with the assistance of OMIKRON’s expert team.

Cutting edge technology in IT security – first line of defense, innovative with extra load capacity – in a clear, efficient and rapid way: Palo Alto

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Excellent price to value ratio, complex security service even in the standard configuration, an energy-efficient, professional and modern system: Fortinet

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Compatible, reliable enterprise solutions and high performance combined with long service life: Cisco

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OMIKRON’s seasoned and qualified team of experts supports its partners’ IT security with innovative firewall systems and special attention paid. What does this mean in practice?

  • we can have an overview of of hardware, software and hybrid firewall systems in their entirety
  • instead of offering boilerplate solutions, we design customized firewall solutions after having assessed the network and IT security needs
  • you can rely on our qualified team of experts throughout the whole process – from planning to deployment to operation (even 24/7)
  • we offer solutions for both SMEs and large businesses
  • over the decades, we have gained experience in numerous diverse projects ranging from greenfield ones to migrations
  • we continuously check and test firewall solutions available on the market


Firewalls designed, installed and operated by OMIKRON lay the foundations for IT security:

  • they constantly monitor devices
  • they identify all users
  • they offer every device, including IoT ones, active protection against attacks
  • they check data traffic for both viruses and intrusion attempts
  • they block unauthorized access
  • special attention is paid to data leakage protection
  • in the event of an attack, they react immediately by identifying and blocking intrusion points


Let’s find the best firewall solution tailored to needs!


Palo alto

Palo Alto firewalls offer the highest level of security* these days. How?


Palo Alto’s network security solutions utilize the latest technology and they can even detect and block unknown threats to the company network. Palo Alto works on designing and developing firewalls with the world’s most highly skilled cyber security experts.

Simplicity, speed, efficiency

Network security solutions by Palo Alto cover the whole network (from SSI to IoT traffic), which allows system administrators to clearly see what happens when and where in their networks so that they can react to all events quickly and effectively.

Extra load capacity

Effective management of IT networks under heavy load. Palo Alto’s IPS solution (Advanced Threat Prevention) is a world-class performer.

Qualified experts

OMIKRON employs several certified Palo Alto experts in its team who have profound knowledge of the system and know how to tailor it to individual needs and get the most out of it.


Ideal solution: we recommend Palo Alto firewalls for the protection of borders as well as L4-L7 network services.

*Ranked in the Leader category for eleven consecutive years by Gartner® in its Magic Quadrant™ – Network Firewall report.


Let’s discuss the details!


Fortinet line of FortiGate firewalls are an ideal choice if the following are essential for you:  

Outstanding price to value ratio

Even standard Fortinet firewalls come with complex security services (i.e. NGFW functionality, SD-WAN*, Dialup Remote Access VPN, etc.).

Professional hardware

Fortinet uses such custom-designed processors in its hardware that are especially designed for firewalls and are continuously developed. (Security Processor and Network Processor ASIC)

Energy efficiency

Due to its proprietary hardware, Fortinet firewalls can operate with outstanding energy efficiency.

Qualified experts

OMIKRON’s team of experts has many years of experience in Fortinet firewall solutions and several of our qualified experts are available to our partners.

*Fortinet firewalls are ranked in the Leader category by Gartner® in its Magic Quadrant™ – SD-WAN report regarding SD-WAN functionality which is available even in standard solutions.

Ideal choice: Fortinet firewalls are primarily recommended for border protection and if you are looking for a solution for SD-WAN networking.

Find out how Fortinet firewalls can work for you!


Cisco products are mainly prevalent in large enterprise environments for the following reasons:

Comprehensive firewall solution

Cisco systems include solutions ranging from network infrastructure to security. This allows the IT environment to become completely homogeneous, which greatly simplifies its management.

Excellent quality and reliability

Realibility and quality of products and services are essential and they represent one of the highest standards in the industry.

High performance and long service life

Large enterprise environments require high performance. Not only does Cisco excel in this, but its firewall solutions also have a long service life.

Qualified team of experts

OMIKRON also has extensive experience when it comes to the use of Cisco firewalls (ASA and FirePower).

Ideal choice: Cisco firewall solutions are primarily recommended for those homogeneous IT environments where it’s of the utmost importance that the fiewalls are compatible with Cisco devices previously installed.

Find out more about the potential of Cisco firewalls, contact our expert today!

IT security and vulnerability assessment


Security experts face newer and newer challenges because of the continuous evolution of IT security systems. It is important to know the strengths of your own IT security system and be aware of its possible weaknesses. You can count on OMIKRON’s team of experts in the assessment of your network’s security. Our certified Ethical Hacker colleague can identify the vulnerabilities of your IT network with Greenbone vulnerability testing tools and make specific recommendations to improve its protection.


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