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IT Security

If not properly protected, cyberthreats, unauthorized access and misuse of data can disrupt the day-to-day operations of businesses or may even cause long-term damage. Protecting networks, systems and data is the cornerstone of any IT strategy.

Top 5 IT security areas

When talking about IT security, we think of complete systems that provide our partners with comprehensive protection against attacks, covering the most important areas of IT security, which are:

Data protection

the collection, storage, processing and transmission of data, but it also includes the conscious management of access to data as well as their modification and destruction.

Network security

the protection of all devices on the network (servers, computers or IoT devices) from external attacks and unauthorized access. This includes our firewall and IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection/Prevention System) solutions.

Protection against viruses and malware

comprehensive protection for devices against malicious software. In addition to antivirus software, additional protection mechanisms are in place to strengthen resilience.

Access management

a key area in IT security is access management to see exactly which users and systems have access to which data and resources.

Incident management

the ability to react quickly and effectively in the event of an attack (e.g. automatically disconnecting an infected device from the network immediately) is essential. IT security involves analyzing potential threats, identifying possible incidents and dealing with them effectively.

IT security solutions are constantly changing and evolving, regular updates and audits are key to maintaining security.

Our IT security services

We believe that when it comes to IT security, customized solutions that fit your company’s real needs work best. We always strive to assess our partners’ potential attack points and provide innovative solutions to cover them.

Palo Alto and Fortinet Next Generation Firewall: one of the foundations of IT security is a great firewall. For more information about our custom firewall solutions, click here.

IT/OT network security: minimizing security risks and localizing possible virus infections by controlling access to devices connected to the network (computers, smartphones, IoT), thus preventing attacks targeting the network.

IT extended endpoint protection: designed to strengthen the protection of IT infrastructure against cyberthreats and to quickly identify and respond to potential attacks in real time. It provides comprehensive protection against a variety of cyberthreats, including malware, ransomware and other attacks. It uses automated tools to help IT security teams analyze and respond to incidents, minimizing the need for human intervention.

Central log management and analysis: by collecting and analyzing logs, security incidents can be more easily identified, speeding up detection and response time.

BIOS/Firmware security: attacks targeting the mechanisms that initialize hardware and load the operating system can cause serious problems, which is why it’s vital to protect your BIOS. You can rely on the expertise of our IT security experts in this.

Password hygiene: the use of appropriate passwords in the corporate environment is at least as essential a criterion for IT security as the use of firewalls. Checking passwords (for strength and uniqueness) and changing them regularly can make a significant contribution to fending off cyberattacks. We have a solution for this, as well.

Vulnerability testing: we can conduct a targeted scan of an IT system against specific security criteria and identify as well as expose potential security loopholes (vulnerabilities). Our aim is to strengthen the system against cybersecurity threats, thereby preventing potential attacks.

Ethical hacking services: as with vulnerability testing, the focus is on identifying and fixing vulnerabilities to ensure that the corporate IT infrastructure is already fully resilient to real cyberattacks.

Don’t leave the security of your IT system to chance! Find out more about the potential of our IT security solutions – contact us, get a real picture of the current situation, so that we can maximize your IT security protection!

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