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Network management

IT networks are the foundation of the day-to-day efficiency of businesses. When the network works properly, it ensures communication and resource sharing among devices. This is why it is essential that a conscious network management strategy, including the deployment and ongoing monitoring of IT systems, the implementation of security measures and maintenance, is an integral part of the IT strategy.

7+1 reasons why network management is valuable

Network management is the basis of efficient and reliable IT systems that contribute significantly to the smooth and professional running of your business, but it also has other benefits:


with network management, we ensure the continuous and reliable operation of the network system, minimizing downtime and possible service interruptions.

Performance optimization

network performance is also continuously monitored and analyzed, as a first step towards a more efficient use of resources and faster data transfer.


network management involves, up to a certain level, establishing and maintaining security policies, setting up various IT security systems (e.g. IDS/IPS – Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems) and data protection solutions to protect the IT infrastructure from cyber threats.


our goal is to build a network infrastructure that meets your needs – designing, implementing and operating a system that addresses your everyday IT challenges and adapts easily to change.

Troubleshooting and diagnostics

during network management, our team of experts proactively tries to fend off potential sources of errors. If they do occur, they are quickly identified and troubleshot.

Regular maintenance

we manage an up-to-date and secure network through regular maintenance and upgrades, always striving to detect and prevent potential errors.

Cost efficiency

an optimally functioning network can facilitate daily workflow and may even reduce operational costs. Continuous maintenance and operation minimize the chances of outages and failures that can cause higher costs or damage.

Information source

the continuous monitoring of network activity helps you make informed decisions on IT investments and meet future needs. Get real data about your company’s IT needs instead of just blurry details.

What networks are managed?

There is no question that professional network management is a must for medium and large-sized enterprises. But what kind of networks do we mean when we talk about network management?

In terms of IT infrastructure, we distinguish between WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi, management and out-of-band (OOB) networks.

LAN – a LAN (Local Area Network) refers to a network infrastructure located within a geographically well-defined area, such as an office, factory or campus. A LAN is a network of local computers, printers and other devices that communicate over a wired connection or a Wi-Fi network in a shared working environment.

WAN – a WAN (Wide Area Network) is a type of network that connects remote locations, such as company sites or factory buildings, and allows seamless communication among devices and systems. WAN technologies include not only traditional solutions (leased lines, MPLS, 3G/4G/5G, LTE, etc.) but also next generation solutions (e.g. SD-WAN).

Wi-Fi network – wireless data transmission devices that make up the Wi-Fi network (access points, PoE switches, controllers) use radio frequency signals to enable stable and uninterrupted data connections, for example between the server and the endpoint, or among individual computers.

VPN – a VPN (Virtual Private Network) appears as a separate site in the IT infrastructure. A VPN allows home users and smaller sites to access the central infrastructure over an encrypted secure channel – as if all your devices were in one office.

Management network – a dedicated network that is set up to manage, monitor and maintain IT systems and devices. It aims to maximize availability and network performance.

Out-of-Band (OOB) management – out-of-band means a separate network that can be used to manage and monitor devices. It also provides a backup route to critical IT assets in the event of a primary network outage.

The different networks are not mutually exclusive but can be built into a synergistic system by conscious design. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge of and experience in managing different networks – from the moment the need arises to design and implementation to operation. Become one of our partners, contact us and let’s discuss network management solutions to meet your needs .

How we work

To create a stress-free IT environment, professional network management is crucial, especially at medium and large-sized enterprises. It is important that the network and the systems that go with it are tailored to the real needs of the business. This can only be achieved by taking a step-by-step approach, by planning carefully when designing IT networks and by putting the right emphasis on managing them.

Step 1 – accurately assessing and formulating needs
Step 2 – survey of the actual network(s)
Step 3 – defining network needs
Step 4 – network design and implementation
Step 5 – continuous uninterrupted network management with up to 24/7 availability
Step 6 – continuous communication and cooperation

You can count on our team for customized network management solutions. Take the first step towards a more efficient business operation and a stress-free IT environment – contact us and let’s find the ideal network management solution for your business!


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